Overhead Conductor Manual
Overhead Conductor Manual

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This conductor is also known as aluminium stranded conductor. This conductor is manufactured from electrolytically refined (E.C.GRADE) aluminium, having purity of minimum 99.5% of aluminium. This conductor is used mainly in urban areas

and the spacing is short and the supports are close. All aluminium conductors are made up of one or more strands of aluminium wire depending on the end usage. These conductors are also used extensively in costal because

it has a very high degree of corrosion resistance.


This conductor consists of a solid or stranded steel core surrounded by strands of aluminium (E.C. GRADE). ACSR CONDUCTOR is available in a wide range of steel varying from as low as 6% to as high as 40 %. The higher strength ACSR CONDUCTORS are used for river crossings, overhead ground wires, installations

involving extra long spans etc.. against any given resistance of conductor, ACSR conductor may be manufactured for having a wide range of tensile strength as per requirement. The principal advantage of these conductors are high tensile strength and light weight with longer spans as well as with lesser supports. Due to the greater diameter of ACSR CONDUCTORS a much higher

corona limit can be obtained causing big advantages on high as well as extra high voltage overhead lines.


This conductor is made from aluminium-magnesium-silicon alloy of high electrical conductivity containing enough magnesium silicide


to give it better mechanical properties after treatment. These conductors are generally made out of aluminium alloy 6201. AAAC CONDUCTOR has a better corrosion resistance and better strength to weight ratio and improved electrical conductivity than

ACSR CONDUCTOR on equal diameter basis.


These wires are manufactured from E.C.Grade aluminium.The company supplies wires in hard drawn, half-hard, and annealed condition, depending upon the clients requirements. These wires are sold to a variety of clients like wire and cable manufacturers, Winding wire manufacturers, and a wide variety of miscellaneous engineering applications.


These wires are made from a wide range of aluminium alloys, depending on the customer requirements. These wires are sold to manufacturers of eyelets, rivets, nails, screws and other various products.


All our products are manufactured as per specifications / standards specified by our clients. We had manufactured our products as per BS, DIN, ASTM, JIS, BIS standards. We also undertake manufacture of our products as per the clients specifications.


We excercise rigid quality control at all the stages of the product manufacturing cycle. Our products had been approved by the Bureau of Indian Standards, and we had been licensed to put their mark on our products. Our products had also been tested and approved by international agencies like Crown Agents, Societe Generale De Surveillance S.A. Geneva, Switzerland (SGS).
We are also a ISO 9001:2008 company.

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